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A very simple formula to win ! Nihad Ragab

Hi! My Name is Nihad Ragab, i’m speaking to you from Cairo, Egypt , in this English Podcast , i’m going to tell you in short how things work when it comes to succeed in life using this very simple formula.

every one of us wants to accomplish some goals , have some cash in his bank account , travel all over the world and lots and alots of others goals we want to accomplish while we can .

but when you think about it , you’ll find that most people who have reached their goals have something in common , which is that they deserve what they got , but do we ask ourselves this question ? Do we deserve ?

quantum physics actually said it , everything you want has its own energy , in order to get what you want , you have to make sure that your energy meets with the energy of the goal you are seeking for .

and how would you do that? its simple and logic too , think of it as if your building a car , you have the glasses of the car , still you can’t drive it , you need wheels, man , you need wheels and other stuff too , but when your finished with it , you have to be able to drive that car.

in life , we need money , but our energy is way beyond what we need , we need to make sure that we have what it takes to have that money , the longer it takes , the better it becomes, and i mean i need first to establish a concrete relationship with my inner resources , by planning , taking courses , doing stuff , every thing you do is a step forward to what you seek in life.

that is called fairness , you can’t look at somebody who have money and i mean lots and lots of money and say “how come he have all this , why god picked him?”

he has what it takes , he knows well how to start the engine of that car , he knew the secret , which is “before you aim for a car , make sure you can drive first” don’t think of money , think , what can you do with that money . then think of what you have to do in order to make yourself ready , the third step is to do something about it.

one last thing , the most successful ppl are usually insane , and thats a scientific fact , insane people are very much successful because they dont understand the boundries of the sane ones , you should be a little insane when it comes to accomplishing your goals , think out side the box , and remember , make sure you know how to start the engine before building that Car

Nihad Ragab

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